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AIC, Blackstone, NVCA splash cash on lobbying

The three entities each spent more than $1.5 million trying to influence US government policy in 2017.

WATCH: ‘It’s all about taxes,’ says leading CFO

PEI catches up with April Evans, partner at Monitor Clipper Partners, between sessions at the COOs and CFOs Forum.

Confidence Trump will be a positive for PE dwindles

More than 50 percent of respondents to an ACG survey think the new administration is a neutral or negative for the industry.

Riverside mulls US tax reform impact on payroll

The IRS is yet to issue its new tax brackets guidance, leaving uncertainty over how staff should be paid.

Evolving perspectives

The great and the good of private fund finance and compliance gathered first in New York, and then in San Francisco, to discuss the most pressing fund operations and regulation issues of the moment, and to look at what awaits them in 2018. By Claire Wilson.

Senate passes US tax reform bill

The senate passed the US tax reform bill on Tuesday, with a final vote in the House scheduled for Wednesday. The proposals, which are expected to pass into law before the end of the year, include both positives and negatives for private equity.

All in the same boat

US managers navigating changes to interest deductibility rules can turn to their British and German counterparts for advice and, if they’re lucky, hope.

Schwarzman: US tax reform ‘no love letter to PE’

Blackstone’s chief executive says the changes could be a game-changer for the Trump presidency, but some provisions will hurt his business.

Ready and waiting

Much-publicized regulatory change failed to materialize, but game-changing tax reform gathered pace. Claire Wilson reviews the impact of 2017 on private fund management operations

Will new IRS audit rules end in tiers?

IRS rules for partnership audits are poised to take effect in 2018, but GPs still have serious questions about the new regime, Rob Kotecki finds