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SEC to focus on retail investors in 2018 – Proskauer

The US regulator’s spotlight on ‘Main Street investors’ means private funds enforcement will focus on retail investors with access to non-public investments, according to the law firm.

Under pressure

CFOs of lower mid-market private equity firms are facing mounting demands on the back and middle office, but finding the right release valve for fund administration duties is not always so simple

Will new IRS audit rules end in tiers?

IRS rules for partnership audits are poised to take effect in 2018, but GPs still have serious questions about the new regime, Rob Kotecki finds

Adams Street names Credit Suisse exec as COO

The private markets firm has appointed James Walker, who held the same role in wealth management units at Morgan Stanley and Citi.

How to protect your firm from the hackers

No cybersecurity program can be totally foolproof, but there are key ways to reinforce any effort and mitigate the biggest cyber-risks.

The power of the LPAC

Limited partner advisory committees are meant to help resolve conflicts of interest, but are they being given adequate opportunity to do so? Claire Wilson reports on concerns they are being cut out of the action

It’s only a House bill

Managers are still digesting the implication of potential limits to interest deductibility, a proposal included in the US tax reforms, while service providers are confident there will be an industry rally against it, Claire Wilson reports

Seven issues to watch during US tax reform

The House of Representatives unveiled a tax bill that is expected to undergo significant changes in the months to come. Private equity real estate executives are monitoring the reform process in the following seven areas.

Why interest deductibility is a fight that should be picked

As US Congress gets ready to reform the tax code, private credit and private equity firms will square off with elected leaders over a tax deduction that is crucial to both asset classes.

Making tax strategy less taxing

Tax issues – whether with nexus, evolving e-commerce regulations or otherwise – can be the ants at the picnic of any portfolio company sale. Crowe Horwath’s Mike Gamboa, Paul Yoder and Steve Lalor discuss how a proactive approach can help buyer and seller get the best out of any transaction.