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Data security more important than returns for LPs

Reliable data security measures are more important than returns or fee alignment to LPs, according to the annual CFA survey on investor trust.

Cambridge hires ex-Bain partner as human capital head

Elizabeth Ramos, the investment advisor's most senior hire since 2016, has been brought on in a newly-created position.

GP-LP relationship ‘challenged’ by transparency demands

Two reports conclude transparency requirements are affecting the GP-LP dynamic and can be difficult to achieve.

Twenty more LPs adopt ILPA template

The institutional investor body has also automated the reporting framework in partnership with SS&C Advent.

Dallas lawsuit against Townsend ‘is a one-off’

The pension’s litigation against Cleveland-based advisory and investment firm Townsend is unlikely to spark a trend.

SEC scrutinises sales of LP stakes

The US regulator is getting to grips with the role played by GPs when LPs dispose of fund interests on the secondaries market.

Lawyers dub ILPA credit line comments ‘extreme’

A commentary on the American Investment Council’s website criticised ILPA’s guidance on private equity’s use of subscription credit lines.

‘Rent-a-CCO’ suspended and fined over inaccurate Form ADV

David Osunkwo allegedly took estimated AUM and client figures, given to him by firm staff, at face value.

GP fee comparisons are 'not useful' without standardization

State level action could escalate difficulties in comparing fees across US private equity funds.

PSERS to boost fee transparency

The Pennsylvanian pension scheme wants to clarify the impact of manager fees on returns and increase the transparency of fee reporting.

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