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Fee reporting template becomes a focus for UK regulator

The Cost Transparency Initiative – which covers around £180bn of scheme assets – will run a pilot phase to test the new templates and supporting materials until January 2019.

End of fund life, up in the air

The 2018 pfm Fees and Expenses Benchmarking Survey shows a lack of clarity around who pays what at the end of a fund’s life.

How the SEC gets into the guts of GPs

Fund managers are faring better in SEC exams, but many still revise documents after a visit from the regulator.

Investors refuse to pay cybersecurity and IT costs – pfm survey

GPs should think twice before allocating too much of the IT budget to the fund, because LPs aren’t inclined to pick up the tab.

What is the real meaning of transparency?

More expense provisions in LPAs come at the cost of clarity over what investors have to pay, says Jennifer Choi, managing director of industry affairs of the Institutional Limited Partners Association.

Co-investment: no two are the same

Co-investments have become standard in private equity, but arrangements between LPs and GPs vary.

Managers playing a ‘game of cat and mouse’

GPs are finding ways to get round investors’ reluctance to pay fees for running portfolio companies.

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