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Upping the ante on cybersecurity

Staying ahead of the curve on cybersecurity is no easy feat, especially as hacking methods grow ever more insidious. pfm gathered six industry leaders to discuss best practices, managing third-party risk and keeping up to snuff with the regulator.

Privacy Shield does not guarantee GDPR compliance

US firms certified under the regime must still ensure their data protection and processing meets the requirements of the EU regulation, warn lawyers.

System upgrades are a ‘simple way’ to prevent cyberattack

Using outdated, unsupported computer programs can leave firms vulnerable to malware.

The Trojan horse in the room

Private fund managers have improved their cybersecurity policies, but they’ve still a way to go to satisfy the regulators. Why is it proving so hard to be compliant?

Effective cybersecurity a must

A hack can be detrimental to a business’s valuation if it is going through a sale process, one expert said at the AM&AA conference.

Timing is crucial for tech upgrades

Technology upgrades can be simplified, but the entire team must be on board for it to be successful.

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