Legal Affairs

PE firm fined $1m in conflicts case

Principals at Augustine Capital were prosecuted for using its fund’s assets to make conflicting transactions and not notifying investors.

The lay of the law and private funds risk

A growing number of private fund firms have become embroiled in court action this year. Rebecca Akrofie spoke to lawyers about the biggest legal headwinds currently facing the industry

Dallas lawsuit against Townsend ‘is a one-off’

The pension’s litigation against Cleveland-based advisory and investment firm Townsend is unlikely to spark a trend.

Litigation now ‘part of the PE business’

Lawsuits were rare a decade ago, but an expanding and pressurized market is making disputes more common, claims lawyer.

Dallas Police and Fire sues Townsend for RE losses

The $2.1bn pension system alleges the real estate consultant’s actions caused it to lose $580m.

Defunct private credit firm accused of student loan scam

Consumer protection watchdog alleges Aequitas Capital Management and Corinthian College knew most borrowers would default on their student loans.

Apollo sued over alleged $20m fraud

The management of logistics company Ceva claim the private equity firm did not alert them to a debt-for-equity swap.

UK to replace GDPR with EU-compliant Act

The government confirmed the move in a statement of intent

The link between private equity and wine

Alexandra Poe, a private funds partner in the corporate practice of Hughes, Hubbard & Reed in New York, tells pfm about how she ended up in private equity law and the best week of her life

Ireland competes with Luxembourg over Brexit rush

Changes to limited partnership law will bolster a growing private equity services sector, claims fund accountant.