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    February 2017 Issue

    In this issue
    Crystal ball gazing

    Todd Cipperman, managing principal at Cipperman Compliance Services, shares his thoughts on this year’s landscape with pfm.

    Autocratic for the people

    The rise of populist movements around the world raises questions for GPs looking to deploy capital abroad. Rob Kotecki talks with several experts to determine what they mean for investors in 2017.

    It started with a big bang

    Private equity heavyweight Matthew Hudson has already broken new ground with his pure-play alternatives law firm, setting up a one-stop admin shop for small-cap fund managers. Now he’s got his eye on larger things, Claire Wilson reports.

    Hiring gets tech-savvy

    Route1 lets the buyer and seller deal directly with each other (like Airbnb); it pairs people by matching them, as Tinder does; and, like Twitter, it’s aimed at millennials.

    Keeping tabs on ESG

    As the importance of environmental, social and governance issues grows, tools to help fund managers navigate the area are being brought to market, writes Claire Wilson.

    Connecting the dots

    Private equity firms that successfully exploit data can benefit from increased efficiency and a competitive advantage, Nicole Miskelly discovers.

    Volcker fatigue

    Banks have been divesting alternative assets since the Volcker Rule became law, but as the Federal Reserve issues its fourth compliance extension, are lawmakers really committed to it?

    Digging for dirt

    US infrastructure investors, despite lingering behind their European peers on the issue, are starting to get tough on ESG.

    Reputation, reputation, reputation!

    A reputational crisis can leave a private fund firm unable to raise or deploy capital. Toby Mitchenall explores how to avoid one

    Don’t ignore the smoke signals

    Stuart Hammer, a counsel at Debevoise & Plimpton who specializes in environmental matters, explains what risks firms should consider before buying a US company.

    The wheel turns

    Legal action over portfolio companies could leave managers in the red or the black, as real assets firms know. Their private equity peers are about to start feeling the pressure. Claire Wilson reports