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The EU’s road to hell

The crafters of the AIFM have good intentions, but they must be shown that key proposals of this directive benefit no one and may create a Kafkaesque business environment, writes David Snow.

Apax's Megrue: ILPA guidelines are 'big leap'

The head of the US arm of one of the largest private equity firms in the world said Friday the LP-friendly principles are worthy of support but will likely be modified.

ILPA principles seeing ‘tremendous traction’

Preferred terms and conditions put forward by the LP trade association are increasingly finding their ways into partnerships, especially terms for deal fees and governance.

Re-imagining carry: Good guys finish first

GPs and LPs alike are starting to mull new approaches to compensation and incentivisation. In the first of a three part series, David Snow proposes tethering carry to performance.

Fear of an ILPA planet

David Snow explores why some GPs are so freaked out over a set of guidelines.

Quadrangle redrawn

After years of distractions, the firm will ‘rededicate’ itself to private equity. David Snow reports.

News Analysis: Volcker, where is thy sting?

David Snow explains why Goldman’s huge principal investment area will remain safely in-house.

Predictions for a new decade

Editor in Chief David Snow picks potential developments that will determine the fate of private equity in the 2010s

Study: LPs stay committed, focus on fees

A new white paper jointly produced by PEI and BNY Mellon has found that the vast majority of LPs will hold steady or increase their allocations to private equity. But many have identified management fees as a term in need of better alignment.

Planes, trains and due diligence

GPs will need to go further to raise funds, and in an environment characterised by lower fees

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